An Introduction To My Minimalist Bullet Journal

minimalist bullet journal liquid grain liquidgrain

Recently I discovered this thing called Bullet Journaling, and although I'm super late to the party for this I fell in love with the whole concept and thought I would give you a little introduction to my minimalist Bullet Journal. 

Basically, this is a different way of planning which allows a lot of flexibility and fluidity in how you plan your life and list tasks.  However it is very DIY and requires a little bit of input into making up your pages how you want them, but for me it's totally worth it as I am getting to plan how I want and what I need. 

I'm not going to explain the intricacies of the concept of keeping a Bullet Journal, instead I'll direct you to the man who made the whole thing up here.  However my approach is a very pared back version of this- if you start to research a little more you are hit in the face with beautifully designed and highly stylised journals.  These are lovely but not what I am going for, and it wouldn't be sustainable for me at all! 

This is only my third week of using my Bullet Journal and I am loving it.  However I have some major deviations from the standard!  In an attempt to give it some sort of "style" regardless of my messy scrawls and massive lists I have decided to go monochrome and just use black ink.  I also use my own version of a key, which I will make a different post on another time! 

My set up: 
- Index 
- NO Future Log 
Instead I have a couple of A4 sheets at the back with all my future dates written in them, like birthdays. 
- Monthly View
- Monthly Tasks 
However I am going to get rid of this next month.  It just isn't useful anymore.  I need to keep my tasks more centralised, and although this will result in a longer daily view, with more tasks migrating forward I'm okay with that. 
- Things That Make Me Smile 
- Blog Ideas 
- Video Ideas 
- Weekly Views 
- Daily Views 
- People to Catch Up With 
- To Buy: For Work 
- To Buy: General 
- Wild: Book Review 
- #Rock Your Handwriting Challenge 
- List of Lists 
- Cars 
- Hobbies 
- To Watch: Films 
- To Watch: TV 

As my process with the Bullet Journal evolves I will be sure to keep you updated!  Do you use a Bullet Journal?  Let me know all about them down below!  

minimalist bullet journal liquid grain liquidgrain
minimalist bullet journal liquid grain liquidgrain
minimalist bullet journal liquid grain liquidgrain