Penguin F Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Collection Haul & Review

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Check out these good looking books!  These are the Penguin F Scott Fitzgerald Hardback Collection - a set of seven gorgeous F Scott Fitzgerald books in complementary art deco themed covers.  

You might have seen these on my instagram a few months ago, but I never got the chance to fully talk about them, so here it is now!

I love my books but when I am at university I don't have the chance to read for pleasure- an International Relations and Middle East Studies degree means a lot of serious, non pretty, very academic reading.  Especially this year when I've had my dissertation to do as well! 

But on to the books -

They are a ridiculously beautiful collection: the books and dust covers are high quality.  The foiling on the covers is sturdy, whilst the paper quality is reasonably thick.  The ink is very nice and black and a good size, although there is a bit of ghosting through the pages because it is so dark.

The books chosen to be included in the collection are a good mix- Gatsby will be the most popular obviously.  There is a good mixture between novels, novellas and short stories which is nice - and although I haven't read them all I'm looking forward to getting stuck into them and getting to know F Scott Fitzgerald a little more!

To see the individual covers, most of my YouTube video is me showing you them in detail!

Price wise, the RRP is quite expensive at £14.99 a book- not ridiculous but expensive when you want to buy the whole collection like I do!   However if you head to Amazon you can get some seriously good deals, especially if you choose alternative sellers to Amazon themselves!  

Here are the books themselves: 
Great Gatsby:
This Side of Paradise:
The Last Tycoon:
Tender is the Night:
The Beautiful and the Damned:
Tales of the Jazz Age:
Flappers and Philosophers: