Sassy Galaxy | Black Milk Clothing

First outfit post featuring Black Milk in a while- well hello Mr Prints it's nice to see you! 

Why You Should Road Trip Around Scotland

Rightio, before I start this post let me say I have never done a one trip road-trip all around Scotland.  BUT, I am Scottish, I have a car and I like to drive around a lot exploring the place  

The Next 10 Books In My To Read Pile

As you guys know I am a huuuge bibliophile!  

I love me some books, I love reading them, I love buying them, I love collecting them! 

On the blog I have a special Book label, but there's not as many posts up as I'd like.  On my Youtube channel I have a little Book Club section where I chat about books now and then.  

So I thought I would chat a little about the next 10 books that are on my To Read / To Buy List.  

And they are: 

Silent Sunday

Christmas Haul - M&S Coat

For Christmas I got a really gorgeous coat from Marks & Spencers, and I have finally got around to putting up the pictures we shot of it! 

My Latest Addition To My Travel Bucket List - Snow Polo

As you guys probably know I have a serious case of the wanderlust- you just have to click the Travel tab at the top of the blog to see that.  Plus I have ran away to a new country (France) for a year and I'm enjoying exploring everything here as well!  

At any moment in time I have about 30 million ideas for my next trip or trips I want to take when I'm older (read: when I have more $$).  
Thanks to Snapchat's new function of being able to see snaps from events from around the world I have a new addition on my travel bucket list... snow polo!  

My Favourite Gin - Hendricks Gin

best gin hendricks gin liquidgrain liquid grain

Alcohol related post today- featuring my favourite gin!  Well joint favourite gin- its between Hendricks and Tanqueray no10.  

But today's post is on Hendricks because that's the bottle that I had in the house to take some pretty fancy pictures of.  Well Matty did (Facebook here) because he is trying to get into food and product photography and the Hendricks bottle is ridic photogenic! 

Silent Sunday

Be My Valentine

It's that time of year - VDAY - and so I thought that I would do a heart themed shopping post.  

I did one before, where I had a lovely bodysuit covered in hearts on (here).  But unfortunately I don't have that bodysuit out here in France so I couldn't shoot it again!  

The Best Affordable Work Trousers - What I Wear To Work In Winter

This is turning into a little bit of a work centred week for Liquid Grain isn't it?  First I do a post on Skype Interview Tips (here) and now I'm talking about Work Trousers!  

Soon I'll do a post on phone interviews as well!  
what to wear to work in winter work trousers uniqlo liquidgrain liquid grain

Since I've started working a real life job (well internship) where I have to be in an office from 9 until 5.15 every day I've had to get an office friendly wardrobe.  

And now I have to declare I have found the best place to buy work trousers!  And it is.....

Skype Interview Tips

I know it's the time of year when students are manically searching for grad jobs- I would be in the same position if I hadn't ran away to France for a year!

I have done a few skype interviews now for internships and so far I have managed to be successful with them, so I decided to write down my tips for skype interviews. 

Have you got any tips for skype interviews?  I would love to hear them!

Silent Sunday

Shotgun Style [What To Wear Shotgun Shooting - Women]

As you guys know I am a country girl, I am also a shooter.  

what to wear shotgun shooting women liquid grain liquidgrian

I Miss The Sea... | Beach Photo Diary

I'm having a bit of a nostalgic day where I'm missing being by the sea.  Here in Lyon we're pretty far away from the sea.  Marseille (which I visited late 2014, see post here) is about 2 hours away on the train and all we have are rivers. 

Silent Sunday