My Latest Addition To My Travel Bucket List - Snow Polo

As you guys probably know I have a serious case of the wanderlust- you just have to click the Travel tab at the top of the blog to see that.  Plus I have ran away to a new country (France) for a year and I'm enjoying exploring everything here as well!  

At any moment in time I have about 30 million ideas for my next trip or trips I want to take when I'm older (read: when I have more $$).  
Thanks to Snapchat's new function of being able to see snaps from events from around the world I have a new addition on my travel bucket list... snow polo!  
I now really, really, really want to go to the Cartier Snow Polo even that is held in the Swiss town of St Moritz every January on a frozen lake.  

This looks like it would be an amazing trip! 

Polo is an amazing sport, so spectator friendly and it's so fun!  Plus polo players are pretty easy on the eyes!

Watching the snow polo would be so different and you could explore St Moritz as well.  

The tournament is free to go watch, but you can buy VIP tickets if you want! 

You can get all the information about the Snow Polo on the website here.