Skype Interview Tips

I know it's the time of year when students are manically searching for grad jobs- I would be in the same position if I hadn't ran away to France for a year!

I have done a few skype interviews now for internships and so far I have managed to be successful with them, so I decided to write down my tips for skype interviews. 

Have you got any tips for skype interviews?  I would love to hear them!

My Tips:

Take the time to decide where you are going to do the interview.  You want somewhere with a pretty neutral background and nice and quiet. 

Check over your Skype profile and make sure there is no funny remarks in your description and a normal looking profile picture.  

Get a friend to call you at the same time as your interview a few days before to make sure it works and you can pick up. 

On the day of the interview be set up and waiting half an hour before, have no other applications or programs running.  You might think this is extreme but the last Skype interview I had was actually 20 minutes early! 

During The Interview
Because you aren't in a face to face interview you can get away with way more things!  You don't have to wear heels and make sure you are sitting up nicely with your knees together for a start! 

Secondly you can have some of your interview prep with you at the computer- whether it's your CV or some research on the job itself.  You can always refer to it if you need to (but be sneaky) but you probably won't because you're super prepared already!  It's just a nice safety blanket to have while you interview. 

If it freezes don't worry!  They will understand that you can't control the internet- and if you can they will definitely want to hire you!  Just keep calm, wait for it to start working again and it'll be okay!  Even if it doesn't you can always send an email / phone them to explain and rearrange.  Don't worry!

Good luck to everyone who is on the job hunt right now!  Best wishes in your skype interview!