Be My Valentine

It's that time of year - VDAY - and so I thought that I would do a heart themed shopping post.  

I did one before, where I had a lovely bodysuit covered in hearts on (here).  But unfortunately I don't have that bodysuit out here in France so I couldn't shoot it again!  

But have a wee gander through this widget to see some great heart shaped items.  Then down below I will pick out some other favourites!  

I hope everyone is having a good Valentines, whether you're attached or not! 

< ASOS sunglasses £12

ASOS jumper £22 > 

< Ted Baker Earrings £19

Ichiban T-shirt Dress £35 > 

< Undiz PJ Set £19.99 

Urban Outfitters Heart Mug $10 > 

Now for some possible gifts- still on the heart theme though!

< ASOS boxers £7 

Urban Outfitters Cookie Cutters $12 >

 < Urban Outfitters Cupcake Decorating Set $16 

Urban Outfitters Boxer $12 > 


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