Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Next 10 Books In My To Read Pile

As you guys know I am a huuuge bibliophile!  

I love me some books, I love reading them, I love buying them, I love collecting them! 

On the blog I have a special Book label, but there's not as many posts up as I'd like.  On my Youtube channel I have a little Book Club section where I chat about books now and then.  

So I thought I would chat a little about the next 10 books that are on my To Read / To Buy List.  

And they are: 

1 - Robert Rankin - The Japanese Devil Fish Girl and Other Unnatural Attractions
Okay I have to admit this name has totally grabbed me here.  It sounds so instriguing okay?!
2 - F Scott Fitzgerald Penguin Hardback Classics Collection 
This is a bit of a cheating option because I want the whole collection of these beautifully designed books!  7 of F Scott Fitzgerald's books were re-released with these fab art deco inspired covers.  Love them! 

3 - Yaroslav Trofimov - 

The Siege of Mecca: The Forgotten Uprising in Islam's Holiest Shrine

Remember how I study International Relations and Middle East Studies?  Well that means I kinda have a few Middle Eastern related books to read right now that you might not find all that interesting.  And one of them is this- which my bestie / flatmate gave me for my birthday and I am still to read. 

4 - Johnston McCulley - The Mark of Zorro
When I was growing up we had this on video and I would really like to read the book- just out of curiosity more than anything else! 
5 - G. Willow Wilson - Alif the Unseen
Another Middle Eastern book I want to read, this is fiction with a bit of fantasy I think! 

6 - Jessie Burton - The Miniaturist
I think right now this is the book cover I see the most on my commute.  Side note- e-reading isn't really a think here in France yet, I only ever see a couple of e-readers but tonnes of normal books.  It's really nice to see that- and it means you can see what is most popular!

7 - Carrie Anne Noble - 

The Mermaid's Sister 

This is a new release which looks like it will be an interesting read! 

8 - Amy Poehler - 

Yes Please 

Yes please for Amy Poehler!  She is amazing and hilarious and I want to read her words. 

9 - James Frey - The Calling (Endgame, Book 1)
This looks like an amazing bit of escapism, definitely in my To Read pile!

10 -  Toni Morrison - Song of Solomon 
This looks like another interesting read, although I must say I sometimes struggle to stay interested in historical novels based in America so hopefully this will keep my interest.  It looks like it should anyway! 


Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post, I read every one!

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