Shotgun Style [What To Wear Shotgun Shooting - Women]

As you guys know I am a country girl, I am also a shooter.  

what to wear shotgun shooting women liquid grain liquidgrian

I've spoken about being an athlete here before (post here) and my sport of rifle shooting.  But for my 21st birthday last July I asked for a shotgun.  

For 6 months or so I had been wanting to get a shotgun to play with.  I had tried clay shooting a few times and always had an absolute ball of a time so I wanted to get a shotgun to do it more often! 

I got a Beretta 682 Gold for my birthday and took it out for a little spin in our fields but never got to properly shoot it because I ran away to France.

So when I was home over Christmas I had to take it out for a proper shoot, it was so much fun- you might have seen my ridiculously excitable video on Youtube where I hit my first clay with it.  

If you haven't had this pleasure it's your lucky day- it's right here! 

So I thought I would do a little post on what I wear when I go shooting- if you like this please let me know and I will do a proper shoot next time I am home as these photos were just taken on Matty's iPhone when we were out shooting.  

As I was only clay shooting I'm dressed pretty casually and that's my general style when it comes to shooting- I'm not really the type of person to get super dressed up to go shooting, I'm all about comfort!

This is kind of my standard clay shooting outfit- sometimes with my tweed jacket (the one I am wearing here) or my Barbour waxed jacket depending on the weather. 

what to wear shotgun shooting women liquid grain liquidgrian

I am wearing: 
  • Hunter wellies - here mine are the Original wellies for £85
  • Green skinny jeggings - mine are from Marks & Spencers (here) for £22.50.  They are so good and they do long versions!
  • Long sleeved thermal top - you are going to be outside for a few hours so you better be warm! I have a few- from Skins, Helly Hansen and Under Armour to name a few.  But these from Debenhams for £16 would be great for layering. 
  • Rugby shirt - another layer to keep you nice and warm, I am wearing (although you can't see it) one from the men's section of Ralph Lauren with quilted shoulder which also helps protect your shoulder from the recoil.
  • Cable knit jumper - another nice big jumper on top, this navy one is from Ralph Lauren again.  This is a women's cut (like these) but the men's department always have a good selection (like these). 
  • Tweed gilet - I would rather shoot in a gilet than a jacket so I can get a full range of movement with my arms but still get warmth on my body and protection for my shoulders.  I got mine as a gift from a shooting shop but I know places like Musto do have great ones- like this in the sale for £205.  The good thing about buying clothing designed specifically for shooting is that they are going to have nice big pockets to put your cartridges in!  
  • Scarf - I wear a scarf tight around my neck to keep me warm but also to keep it out of the way of the stock of the gun and to stop it impairing my head movement.  This pheasant printed Ralph Lauren scarf would be the perfect shooting accessory (£49).

I also have the usual accessories - amazing earplugs that were moulded especially for my ears, a canvas bag to carry everything in and my gun slip.  

In my bag I also have a pair of glasses for eye protection when I need to wear them.  

I wear my hair up to keep it out of my eyes and a big smile on my face because I'm having fun! 

Do you shoot?  What is your go-to outfit?