Thursday, 27 February 2014

Poprageous Leggings Give Away!

Some of you may know that since I bought a domain name I've actually lost a lot of followers.  Sad face.  

So as a wee fun way to try and get a few of you guys back I thought I would run a wee give away.  Up for grabs we have these Poprageous Gatsby Legz in size L.  There are a couple of different versions of these about - some symmetrical some not.  I have these in the symmetrical version because I'm OCD and crazy.  But I also have these lying about with the tags on so I thought I should give you a chance to win! 

To win you just need to fill in the rafflecopter form below!  

Good luck! 

A word on sizing - you should be able to find everything on the PR site here.  But from my personal experiences I am a M in Black Milk and L in Poprageous, just because it is a little lower cut on the waist and I like hiking my leggings up nice and high.  So I would say you could wear these if you were either a BM medium or large.  If you have any other questions feel free to tweet me @liquidgrain.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Little Dot Creations - New Brand!

I have something nice and exciting for you today!  

I had a great treat doing my post on new brand Rakel Blom , so I have decided to try and feature any new brands or ideas I find interesting and hopefully you might find some of them interesting too!  

Today is the turn of Little Dot Creations!  Which has actually been set up by the very talented Suzi after graduating and is a really interesting exploration into art!  

Little Dot Creations (LDC) are beautiful pictures made up of little dots which Suzi draws by hand.  I asked her a few questions about LDC and got some pictures from her so I hope you like her stuff and you should check her out!  

Q: Why dots?  Did you previous work also include dots or is this a new direction? 

I studied jewellery and metalwork design at Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art and Design in Dundee. My final year degree show focused on combining rabbit fur with textured silver. I would spend a ridiculous number of hours each day hammering tiny dots into the silver and produced a series of illustrations to go alongside the collection. 

My illustrations were based on my favourite book, "The Wasp Factory" by Iain Banks, drawn in much the same style as my little dots are now. 

Q:  What's your favourite print of yours? 

Each one means something special to me, but if I had to choose... my favourite would have to be between "The Great Prince of the Forest" and "The Battlefield of Yomogatchi", I can't pick just one! 

Q: What can we get all your designs on?

By March, I think phone covers, tote bags, notebooks and I'm hoping to have all prints on the website available as cushions too.

There are also very exciting secret discussions under way about a collaboration with one of my favourite jewellers, wearable little dots!

Q: What does an average day for you look like? 

On an average day, I get up between 7-8 am and do admin. 

Then I get to draw for most of the day, working on commissions and new little dot ideas. 

I spend my afternoons packaging and posting any orders I've received through my website, walk my lovely crazy dog in the Galloway forests for an hour or two, draw some more, plan for tomorrow and then go to bed!

Q: Have you got anything exciting coming up? 

I'll be opening my studio to the public for Spring Fling in May and as well as some exciting commissions: I've been asked to design a new cd album cover for Glaswegian musicians, "The Daddy Naggins" and I'm helping illustrate a friend's first book and collaborate with an amazing jeweller. Phew!

Q: The quick ones:
Tea or Coffee? 

Coffee!  Always coffee.

Q: What did you have for breakfast?

2 coffees and a mango.  

Photos belong to Little Dot Creations 

LDC - Online Shop
LDC - Facebook 
Liquid Grain - Facebook 


Sunday, 23 February 2014

Walking Down The Beach

Hey everybody! Hey Dr Nick!

Don't ask, it's one of those days.  Late night, then a presentation then flat drama!  

So today is just a little OOTD post, but I also have a question for you!  Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about any fun posts I could do fire ahead?  Would it be a bad thing to approach brands or shops myself?  Too pushy?  Bad?  Aaargh help me be a blogger person! 

Today I am wearing: 
Black Milk Mixing With The Fishes Swim 
Great Plains Skirt 
New Look blazer and boots


Friday, 21 February 2014

Black Milk Mini Haul

There was a little museum sale over at Black Milk but everything sold out so quickly!  So I only managed to snag one piece- the Great Wave 2.0 Dress!

When the first version of this came out I bought it and loved it, however it was too big!  So I sold it but never got around to buying another one in a medium.  But when this came up I had to snag it!  

Here it is, isn't it pretty!  


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Buy My Black Milk!

I've had another clear out of clothes since I am all poor :(  This time I've bitten the bullet and put some of my precious shiny up on ebay!  You can see all my listings here.  But I thought I would do a wee post showing you what I have for sale again. 

First up is the biggie - probably my rarest piece - Black Milk Cherubs Swim.  

Size Large, old cut.  See the full listing here

Next up we have my loved,slightly damaged Black Milk M Hacky Sack leggings which you can see here.  Because of the damage they are mega cheap!  

And my neglected Large Black Milk Emerald Swim, which you can see here .  

Also enjoy my selfie. 

My last Black Milk piece I have up is my Large Sample Le Cafe Leggings, which are in perfect condition - no defects or printing issues.  You can see it here.  

Now on to my other shiny-ness, I have my CM Clare Maley, Medium Purple Fields Skirt, which you can see here.  

Now for Burning Artists Collective Binary Leggings in Medium, you can see them starting mega cheap here.  

I also have some mega cute studded shorts up!  

Monday, 17 February 2014

Lazy Oaf Haul

Recently Lazy Oaf had a  pretty darn awesome sale.  I mean mega cheap.  

After the BM UK girls started buzzing about the sale I had to have a little peak, then I just kinda had to buy a couple of things.  

So here is what I got!  

Look at this cutest bodysuit!  So many love hearts and only £5!  It has poppers on the crotch for ultimate ease!  Something I think we all appreciate when it comes to Black Milk.  

The only thing with Lazy Oaf is that the sizing is a little inconsistent.  I got this in a size Large, which is actually a little big.  But I also got a pair of denim shorts in Large which were tiny, like child size.  So they have went back.  

I also got a super cute tee!  This was down to £15 I think and will be the perfect lazy tee to lounge about.  Plus what's not to like about Love, Money or Pizza?  

The sale is on going, although not quite as awesome.  My favourite pick from the sale, which I am currently almost buying is this - the Lazy Oaf Hash Tag Sob Tee.  What do you like in the sale? 


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tribal Garden

Another OOTD post!

Today we went in to town for lunch and a wander around the lovely streets of St Andrews.  I've been back in the Bubble for just over a week now and it's nice to be back.  If any of you want a visit or if you're considering coming to St Andrews for university get in touch and we can grab coffee and I can show you around!  

The great thing about St Andrews is that although there is only three main streets there is so much to do and explore.  The garden where we shot this is in a little side path between Market and South Street which I only discovered in my second year, and in Spring the most beautiful cherry blossoms bloom - something I'm looking forward to already!  

There is loads of other things to discover in St Andrews, several gardens and lots of beautiful buildings.  

Today I wore a mega old Topshop dress / tunic thing, and a few basic pieces. 

Ooh look, now for some fancy pant black and white photos.  Fancy. 


Thursday, 13 February 2014

New Joules Wellies

Today I am introducing you to my mum's new wellies!  She got them from Joules in the sale after Christmas!  

Wellies from Joules are amazing- you should check them out here.  

They are really good quality and they have the best designs as well.  Mum's new ones are green with little rabbits all over them.

When it comes to brands of wellies I am a bit split- the age old questions of Hunter vs Joules.  I personally am a Hunter girl but Joules are a solid option and lots of people prefer them- which I do understand for a few reasons. 

First up, the Hunters are quite skinny on the leg while Joules have the extending leg which gives you more space.  Which is the one thing that really tempts me about Joules. 

Secondly although Hunters are pretty iconic in their block colours Joules have fun designs which are great!


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I Got A Mention!

Quick post today! 

The other day I was looking at the stats for my blog and found I was getting a lot of visits from a Reddit link.  I braced myself before clicking it, immediately thinking the worst- we all know what the internet can be like- and... it was actually a nice post!  

The OP was asking for suggestions for "average" fashion blogs- I don't want to start a "REAL" women debate here, but the poster wanted to find blogs which she felt reflected more her size (not a model) and her fashion sense- as in not high fashion editorial.  

I was really pleased to see that someone mentioned my blog in the post- whoever you are thank you! 

And what I thought was interesting is that that person said I looked a 10 - 12.  You see, I am actually closer to a 12 - 14, so I just wanted to share with you that as long as you wear clothes that fit and suit you it will actually make you look smaller than what you are!  

It was also a nice boost for me to be seen as a real fashion blog.  I don't really ever mention my weight / size / shape on this blog, but it is pretty tough to try and be a blogger when you are not the expected size or shape!  

I don't mention it much since I would rather people read Liquid Grain because of the content, not just because the author is a size 12/14.  But sometimes being my size and a blogger really gets me down-  brands have refused to work with me because of my size, I know I will never get on the "Hot" board on Lookbook etc etc... 

But anyway, end of my late night rant.  I'll schedule this for a normal time tomorrow.  Basically thank you all for reading my blog!  I know I am not the proper shape or size to be a fashion blogger but I do try to make nice and interesting posts, so thank you for indulging me!  And thank you to whoever mentioned me! 

Here is the picture of all my post I got today, it's scary!  Haul post soon, I promise! 


Sunday, 9 February 2014

Galaxy and Boys


Friday, 7 February 2014

Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Haul and Review

Hello everyone!  I am a crazy book person, I have hundreds of books and they are organised in crazy OCD ways around my house, or the way I have to read them and so on...  So recently I have become adamant that I will have a library in my house when I am older, this has led me to not only extreme pinteresting but also the need to start collecting beautiful books to fill my library. 

For anyone's reference these are my top library picks so far: 

And to start my collection off I got the Barnes and Noble copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and other stories and oh my loooord it is beautiful!  Everything about holding it in your hand just screams luxury, the heavy weight, the gold pages and everything!  

The great thing about this is that it's got so many different works of Lewis Carrol and a really good introduction- I list them all in the video whilst I just generally gush over the book.  So you get a really good collection of Lewis Carrol which is so great. 

My favourite part of the book, especially the Alice stories, is that it includes all the original illustrations in the correct places.  So beautiful!  

Now where to buy:  you can go to B&N but if you are in the UK you want to check out BookDepository first and if you can't see the copy you want then check out Amazon!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Quick Post - Hair Cut and Haul

A few of you might have already seen this photo on my twitter or instagram but I though I would do a wee post to show you the big and scary change I made a couple of days ago.  Look how short I went!  But I am hoping it's going to be a lot easier to deal with and I might even style it now and again- who am I kidding?  Probably not...

Also as you can see I was wearing my Black Milk Wallpaper Dress today- you can see my whole collection in the nylon tab if it interests you. And I popped into River Island to have a look and take a selfie and accidentally ended up buying some things!  

So first up is a cheeky sale item- I know I was surprised the sale was still going on too!  It was a little crop top type thing for £15.  I really liked the design and I sized up to a 16 to make it more like a top rather than a crop top since that's not really my style.  But I really do like it. 

I can't find it on the website I'm afraid but if you have a look around your local store you might come across it! 

Next up is from the current season- this lovely polka dot cami.  Because I am a hoarder I have loads of clothes, but a lot of them are really past their best, I'm talking holes, rips, the lot.  So recently I threw a lot of stuff out, and a lot of my trusty basic tps went with them.  So this is me attempting to replace them.  This beauty was £16 and you can find it here- although top tip: it's quite big fitting but if you have boobs then size up!  I went for a 14 just to get the girls in!  


Monday, 3 February 2014

Around The World Cushion

My last cushion in my cushion series!  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my fancy cushions that I have acquired.  And this is my most recent one!  

I picked this up in an independent department store in Northern Ireland when I was over visiting the BF and it was an absolute bargain at £10!

I liked how it has a sort of antique feel about it, I love old books and maps - I have a Black Milk Ancient Maps Dress and everything!  You can see it in my Nylon tab if you want!  And I have recently started collecting beautiful copies of books, so this fits right in! 

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