Tribal Garden

Another OOTD post!

Today we went in to town for lunch and a wander around the lovely streets of St Andrews.  I've been back in the Bubble for just over a week now and it's nice to be back.  If any of you want a visit or if you're considering coming to St Andrews for university get in touch and we can grab coffee and I can show you around!  

The great thing about St Andrews is that although there is only three main streets there is so much to do and explore.  The garden where we shot this is in a little side path between Market and South Street which I only discovered in my second year, and in Spring the most beautiful cherry blossoms bloom - something I'm looking forward to already!  

There is loads of other things to discover in St Andrews, several gardens and lots of beautiful buildings.  

Today I wore a mega old Topshop dress / tunic thing, and a few basic pieces. 

Ooh look, now for some fancy pant black and white photos.  Fancy.