Quick Post - Hair Cut and Haul

A few of you might have already seen this photo on my twitter or instagram but I though I would do a wee post to show you the big and scary change I made a couple of days ago.  Look how short I went!  But I am hoping it's going to be a lot easier to deal with and I might even style it now and again- who am I kidding?  Probably not...

Also as you can see I was wearing my Black Milk Wallpaper Dress today- you can see my whole collection in the nylon tab if it interests you. And I popped into River Island to have a look and take a selfie and accidentally ended up buying some things!  

So first up is a cheeky sale item- I know I was surprised the sale was still going on too!  It was a little crop top type thing for £15.  I really liked the design and I sized up to a 16 to make it more like a top rather than a crop top since that's not really my style.  But I really do like it. 

I can't find it on the website I'm afraid but if you have a look around your local store you might come across it! 

Next up is from the current season- this lovely polka dot cami.  Because I am a hoarder I have loads of clothes, but a lot of them are really past their best, I'm talking holes, rips, the lot.  So recently I threw a lot of stuff out, and a lot of my trusty basic tps went with them.  So this is me attempting to replace them.  This beauty was £16 and you can find it here- although top tip: it's quite big fitting but if you have boobs then size up!  I went for a 14 just to get the girls in!