Little Dot Creations - New Brand!

I have something nice and exciting for you today!  

I had a great treat doing my post on new brand Rakel Blom , so I have decided to try and feature any new brands or ideas I find interesting and hopefully you might find some of them interesting too!  

Today is the turn of Little Dot Creations!  Which has actually been set up by the very talented Suzi after graduating and is a really interesting exploration into art!  

Little Dot Creations (LDC) are beautiful pictures made up of little dots which Suzi draws by hand.  I asked her a few questions about LDC and got some pictures from her so I hope you like her stuff and you should check her out!  

Q: Why dots?  Did you previous work also include dots or is this a new direction? 

I studied jewellery and metalwork design at Duncan of Jordanstone college of Art and Design in Dundee. My final year degree show focused on combining rabbit fur with textured silver. I would spend a ridiculous number of hours each day hammering tiny dots into the silver and produced a series of illustrations to go alongside the collection. 

My illustrations were based on my favourite book, "The Wasp Factory" by Iain Banks, drawn in much the same style as my little dots are now. 

Q:  What's your favourite print of yours? 

Each one means something special to me, but if I had to choose... my favourite would have to be between "The Great Prince of the Forest" and "The Battlefield of Yomogatchi", I can't pick just one! 

Q: What can we get all your designs on?

By March, I think phone covers, tote bags, notebooks and I'm hoping to have all prints on the website available as cushions too.

There are also very exciting secret discussions under way about a collaboration with one of my favourite jewellers, wearable little dots!

Q: What does an average day for you look like? 

On an average day, I get up between 7-8 am and do admin. 

Then I get to draw for most of the day, working on commissions and new little dot ideas. 

I spend my afternoons packaging and posting any orders I've received through my website, walk my lovely crazy dog in the Galloway forests for an hour or two, draw some more, plan for tomorrow and then go to bed!

Q: Have you got anything exciting coming up? 

I'll be opening my studio to the public for Spring Fling in May and as well as some exciting commissions: I've been asked to design a new cd album cover for Glaswegian musicians, "The Daddy Naggins" and I'm helping illustrate a friend's first book and collaborate with an amazing jeweller. Phew!

Q: The quick ones:
Tea or Coffee? 

Coffee!  Always coffee.

Q: What did you have for breakfast?

2 coffees and a mango.  

Photos belong to Little Dot Creations 

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