I Got A Mention!

Quick post today! 

The other day I was looking at the stats for my blog and found I was getting a lot of visits from a Reddit link.  I braced myself before clicking it, immediately thinking the worst- we all know what the internet can be like- and... it was actually a nice post!  

The OP was asking for suggestions for "average" fashion blogs- I don't want to start a "REAL" women debate here, but the poster wanted to find blogs which she felt reflected more her size (not a model) and her fashion sense- as in not high fashion editorial.  

I was really pleased to see that someone mentioned my blog in the post- whoever you are thank you! 

And what I thought was interesting is that that person said I looked a 10 - 12.  You see, I am actually closer to a 12 - 14, so I just wanted to share with you that as long as you wear clothes that fit and suit you it will actually make you look smaller than what you are!  

It was also a nice boost for me to be seen as a real fashion blog.  I don't really ever mention my weight / size / shape on this blog, but it is pretty tough to try and be a blogger when you are not the expected size or shape!  

I don't mention it much since I would rather people read Liquid Grain because of the content, not just because the author is a size 12/14.  But sometimes being my size and a blogger really gets me down-  brands have refused to work with me because of my size, I know I will never get on the "Hot" board on Lookbook etc etc... 

But anyway, end of my late night rant.  I'll schedule this for a normal time tomorrow.  Basically thank you all for reading my blog!  I know I am not the proper shape or size to be a fashion blogger but I do try to make nice and interesting posts, so thank you for indulging me!  And thank you to whoever mentioned me! 

Here is the picture of all my post I got today, it's scary!  Haul post soon, I promise! 


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