New Joules Wellies

Today I am introducing you to my mum's new wellies!  She got them from Joules in the sale after Christmas!  

Wellies from Joules are amazing- you should check them out here.  

They are really good quality and they have the best designs as well.  Mum's new ones are green with little rabbits all over them.

When it comes to brands of wellies I am a bit split- the age old questions of Hunter vs Joules.  I personally am a Hunter girl but Joules are a solid option and lots of people prefer them- which I do understand for a few reasons. 

First up, the Hunters are quite skinny on the leg while Joules have the extending leg which gives you more space.  Which is the one thing that really tempts me about Joules. 

Secondly although Hunters are pretty iconic in their block colours Joules have fun designs which are great!


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