Barnes and Noble Leatherbound Classics Haul and Review

Hello everyone!  I am a crazy book person, I have hundreds of books and they are organised in crazy OCD ways around my house, or the way I have to read them and so on...  So recently I have become adamant that I will have a library in my house when I am older, this has led me to not only extreme pinteresting but also the need to start collecting beautiful books to fill my library. 

For anyone's reference these are my top library picks so far: 

And to start my collection off I got the Barnes and Noble copy of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and other stories and oh my loooord it is beautiful!  Everything about holding it in your hand just screams luxury, the heavy weight, the gold pages and everything!  

The great thing about this is that it's got so many different works of Lewis Carrol and a really good introduction- I list them all in the video whilst I just generally gush over the book.  So you get a really good collection of Lewis Carrol which is so great. 

My favourite part of the book, especially the Alice stories, is that it includes all the original illustrations in the correct places.  So beautiful!  

Now where to buy:  you can go to B&N but if you are in the UK you want to check out BookDepository first and if you can't see the copy you want then check out Amazon!