Unboxing Cloth and Paper October 2018 Stationery Subscription Box

Continuing on the stationery theme recently, I've now unboxed the Cloth & Paper stationery subscription box from October 2018.  

The big item from September was a spiral bound agenda, but in this month it is a very chic white fountain pen which I manage to get going in the video on my YouTub…

Cloth and Paper September 2018 Stationery Subscription Box

As you know I am a stationery fiend, and have tried a few different stationery subscription boxes that you can find a summary of here.  

After trying Papergang for six months I decided that my next subscription would be to Cloth & Paper, which is more luxury and minimalistic. 

My first box was in…

Confetti Flower Field Photography Tips

As promised in my last post from the confetti flower fields, today I'm sharing a few tips about how we go about taking photos in flower fields.  Plus, these are some other photos we took while we were there. 

I'm wearing a great dress from Free People, the red really popped! 

Get Low 

The key …

Visiting The Confetti Flower Field

Be prepared for instagram cliches, but I love a flower field!  We recently visited the Confetti Flower Field at Wick and took some lovely photos in more of an "editorial" style- which, as I mentioned in my previous post, is what I want to get back to! 

In addition to sharing some of our pi…

Everyday Uniform - Cotswolds Wander

On a Cotswolds wander with the pup, a.k.a the boss, and this is a typical outfit or everyday uniform for me.  

In this I'm wearing: 
- Barbour jacket 
- Light tweed pencil skirt 
- Deck shoes

Poppy Fields

Before moving to England I had never seen a poppy field in the UK.  However, just the other day when we were on our Cotswolds adventure we spotted this beauty of a field! 

So we jumped out and I headed into the field on some tractor wheel marks (remember not to damage any crops) and took a few wee p…

Perfect Instagram Spot in the Cotswolds - Bibury

One of the perks of living in Oxfordshire is that we have the Cotswolds on our backdoor and the Cotswolds are ridiculously pretty and quaint.  There are a couple of stand-out spots and villages and over the next few months I want to try and share some more. 

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take …

Why I've Not Posted Outfits Recently

Well, it has been a hot minute since I last posted outfits or fashion content here on the blog.  So instead of just throwing out some photos and links and running away I thought I would explain why I've not been posting outfits recently. 

There isn't really one reason in particular but a cou…

Faroe Islands Photo Diary

Right, I know I have been sharing quite a few Faroe Islands related posts recently, but it has been because I've been getting questions relating to specific hikes.  But, now that's all done I still have quite a few photos that I would like to share. 

Instead of making this post ridiculously …