Stationery and Planning Subscription Box / Boxes - Collective Review from the UK

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I don't know about you but I am a massive stationery geek, and I like shopping with a bit of mystery. 
I love the concept of subscription boxes but I've never really found any that I've been 100% on - until now and the growing presence of stationery boxes here in the UK! 

So I thought I would trial a few different ones out and review them in separate blog posts but also start a central directory here, with reviews on my YouTube channel too! 

I hope this is useful for you! 


The Papergang is Oh Deer's answer to the stationery box, they are UK based and go to town on their themes.  The overall result is pretty fun and very instagrammable- although more female oriented than male or neutral! 

If you want to try it out I'd really appreciate it if you use my referral link here - the more people who use it the longer I can keep reviewing these boxes and share as much information as possible! 


2018: January, February, March, April, May, June 

Cloth & Paper
After Papergang I decided to try Cloth & Paper, which is a higher price point ($38 a box) and a more classical style running through it. 

The boxes were well thought out and planned, staying perfectly to brand.  I decided to stop this subscription after receiving quite a few similar items (pens and post-it notes) which are hard to use up every month.  

I would definitely consider re-starting my subscription when I am running low on supplies. 


2018: September, October, November 

Wild House Paper 
Wild House Paper launched this artisan, curated quarterly boxes which brought together art and stationery.  The quality of the pieces are nice and eco-conscious which does drive the price of boxes up slightly. 

The subscription model appears to have now stopped, although one off boxes are often advertised. 

2019: August