Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show

Last week the grand McEwan Hall in Edinburgh was transformed into the height of student fashion for the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show for two shows a night, Wednesday to Friday.  

Before setting off here is what I decided to wear: 

Quick selfie!  I went for my Black Milk Peacock Swim, denim s…

Black Milk Voucher Giveaway

Roll up, roll up!  Free thing, free thing!  If you want to win a $25AUD voucher for Black Milk Clothing then this is your chance!   

I'm running a giveaway over on my Facebook page which you need to like to enter. 

Then all you have to do is find this photo, like it then share it. Then if you pop…

Lush Mini Haul

I need Lush advice!  What is everyone's favourite lush products?  I'm slowly easing myself into Lush (you can see my previous favourite post for it here).  And I need more!  

My latest purchase was the Big Sea Salt shampoo, you can buy it here for £11.95.  It's all natural and an amazing…

How To: Lookbook

A wee while I posted a little rant... my rant was about how people seem to have forgotten how to use Lookbook.  I was getting a bit annoyed because it seemed as though every time I went on to it all I was doing was flagging look after look!  

So I decided that I should do a significantly less ranty …

Quick Northern Ireland Haul

When I was in Northern Ireland recently I accidentally managed to do some shopping... I didn't get anything exciting but  I thought I would do a little post about it anyway! 

First up was this shop called DV8 (odd name I know) which was in Ballymena.  The women's section was not really my st…

ART: Spring Fling Home Exhibition

Some of you might remember my first art review post (you can see it here if you don't), but on the same day where I went to see the giant dolls of Sparkle and Spin I also went to the Spring Fling Home Exhibition. 

The Spring Fling Home Exhibition was also held at the Gracefield Art Centre in Dum…

Windy Castle

Today we decided to go to a castle, but it turns out this castle was up a hill so I got tricked into walking up a hill to get to it.... unimpressed.  

However when we got there it was really pretty!  Even though we couldn't climb up the tower for "health and safety reasons" Boo!  But i…

Jumping Dogs And Running Lambs

Teeny tiny lifestyle post today about teeny tiny lambs!  Well not really but they do feature because they are so cute.  

Today a terrible thing happened to me - I was abandoned.  While Matty went to work I was left all by myself.

Since it was a nice day I decided to force his dog to come on a walk wi…

Vintage Tea Dress

As you might have guessed I kind of have this vintage thing going on right now.  Vintage is fun isn't it?  

And today's vintage look is shot at another run down petrol station - who knew Northern Ireland had so many?  I didn't!  If you want you can see my last vintage petrol station look…