Quick Northern Ireland Haul

When I was in Northern Ireland recently I accidentally managed to do some shopping... I didn't get anything exciting but  I thought I would do a little post about it anyway! 

First up was this shop called DV8 (odd name I know) which was in Ballymena.  The women's section was not really my style, a little clubby.  

But I spotted this jersey in the men's department.  And I must say I like it!  I think it was like £11 and it'll be perfect for matching with leggings and shorts when it gets a little warmer. 

Still in Ballymena I went into United Colours of Benneton and seemed to manage to pick up a lot of black... 

Both tops were £12 in their sale, which is pretty good!  One is a matte peplum (you can see me wearing it here) and the other is a nice and shiny draped vest top.  Nothing too exciting but they're the stuff that you need to have in your wardrobe. 

Next on the list was Belfast - a sad place to shop when you're as broke as me.  But again I was on the hunt for basics and River Island was the place to find them.  

I got two very basic camis, one black long line one with a bit of texture through it and a plain white one.  Not very exciting, but like I said needs must!  The white one is the same cut as my navy polka dot one which is a really flattering cut, so that's great! 

That's all for today!