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A wee while I posted a little rant... my rant was about how people seem to have forgotten how to use Lookbook.  I was getting a bit annoyed because it seemed as though every time I went on to it all I was doing was flagging look after look!  

So I decided that I should do a significantly less ranty post where I post my tips on what I think makes a good look!  I'll try and make it a little interesting with as many different looks as possible!  

1)  Follow the rules!  

I know I sound like your mother right now, but there are rules for a reason so we should try and stick to them.  

Then main offenders tend to break the heads-to-knees or shoulders-to-feet rule.  I know this can be a tricky one since sometimes this isn't always your favourite shot.  But it's a look website for a reason - to show your looks!  And this rule is important, meaning that we are not overrun by head shots (it does happen).  Everyone has a blog so put all your shots on that, especially your favourite one! 

2) It's all about the background

You don't want a busy background, but it needs to be pleasing.  Whether it's a neutral background or a location shoot with something going on it needs to add to the look not take away from it.  

As you have seen, one of my favourite locations to use as a background for my looks is pretty simple - beach alley as I call it!

3) High quality pictures 

This is a bit of a controversial post, because some people think that a high quality photo shouldn't matter and it's about the outfit.  

But for me it makes a difference!  It's about the look as a whole, not just the outfit and part of that for me is a nice clear, high quality picture. 

4) Don't be spammy

This isn't a look tip, but don't just post the same comment on everyone and fan everyone.  People do notice and it's not great.

5) Be the one and only! 

Don't feel bullied into using more than one photo, I know a lot of people do and sometimes it works.  But more often than not it ends up looking messy and sometimes can make the photo look a bit funny or lose a bit of flow. 

Be confident in you look, one photo is often enough! 

6) Smile!

Or just generally have an expression!  Mix it up and use your face, it's important to show your personality.  


6) Be a mover and a shaker 

Move around, the more you move the more natural your photos will look - so even better!

7)  Edit, but not too much

Everyone likes a bit of editing, and it's important to do, especially if you're shooting in RAW.  But don't take it too far!  

Here's an example of my most edited look, and I did a full post on how to do it here.  But to be honest this is further than what I'm usually comfortable with and I wouldn't make a habit about having it as edited as this!


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