Vintage Tea Dress

As you might have guessed I kind of have this vintage thing going on right now.  Vintage is fun isn't it?  

And today's vintage look is shot at another run down petrol station - who knew Northern Ireland had so many?  I didn't!  If you want you can see my last vintage petrol station look here

Apparently in the summer a whole load of wild flowers grow all over the place and it sounds so beautiful.  So I am definitely going to make a point of coming back here in the summer!

Today I am wearing: 
Tea Dress from a random Russian shop 
Cardi from River Island


  1. Awesome as always!

    I've done a little linky post over at my blog to say thanks for the leggings. Let me know if it's okay or if there's anything you want me to change/add x

    1. Thank you Carly! Your post is so lovely, I'll share it on twitter now!


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