Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show

Last week the grand McEwan Hall in Edinburgh was transformed into the height of student fashion for the Edinburgh College of Art Fashion Show for two shows a night, Wednesday to Friday.  

Before setting off here is what I decided to wear: 

Quick selfie!  I went for my Black Milk Peacock Swim, denim skater skirt, sheer kimono and New Look clutch bag.  

The show started with showcases from 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students which showed some real talent.  There was also collections from textile students, and I just loved what the 4th year textile students produced!  

But then it was on to the main event - the graduate collections.

These stole the show, there was so much varying talent which was great to see.  For me the stand out collections were: 


Her pieces were simple yet outstandingly beautiful, they were draped and cut perfectly.  Although it was one of the first collections it stuck with me - so it shows how much I liked it!  I also loved the use of animal horns- ram or goat inspiration I think - in making accessories such as handbags or rucksacks.  I want one! 


This collection was the epitome of street and urban wear, it was out there, it was fun.  There was some really interesting use of shape and colour.  You could really imagine the ready to wear versions setting high street trends- like the cut of some jackets, asymmetric trousers and so on!


Berry's collection had quite a sci-fi feel about it.  I particularly liked the mix of using menswear accents, like the sock holders, on women.  


There was so much work in this collection - it was sequins galore!  Sequins just covered everything.  Leitch's classical shapes just screamed elegance and luxury.  This and Glover's have to be my favourite for their use of quality materials and innovative twists on classical looks.  Utterly amazing!  

After the fashion students came the turn of the performance costume and fashion students.  This gave the show a real fun and lively edge after some quite serious fashion collections.  Again there were group showcases from 1st, 2nd and 3rd years- some of them which were quite crazy (see below).  Before it went into individual graduates' collections.  

The good thing about this that the collections weren't paraded down the catwalk, instead they were performed for about three minutes in a mini show.  It was amazing how different these performances were; some were fun, some were conceptual, all so different and full of amazing costumes.  But obviously hard to photograph as you can imagine, so I just sat back and enjoyed the show! 

Oh - this is the first post where I've taken and edited all the photos myself, how did I do?  I'm really proud of them!  Hopefully I can go to more events and learn more about photography and all that jazz! 

*disclaimer- I was supervised on the Mac.  He made me put this, since he did help me a bit! 


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