Jumping Dogs And Running Lambs

Teeny tiny lifestyle post today about teeny tiny lambs!  Well not really but they do feature because they are so cute.  

Today a terrible thing happened to me - I was abandoned.  While Matty went to work I was left all by myself.

Since it was a nice day I decided to force his dog to come on a walk with me.  You see, Tess isn't too keen on me.  We have an odd relationship as she doesn't quite trust me, or anyone for that matter because like most springer spaniels she is completely devoted to her master.  So I naturally think she is a crazy dog since dogs love me, I am a complete dog person and pretty much a dog whisperer (this might be in my head a little bit). 

So off we went off to down the fields and eventually we both started having a good time - sticks were thrown and Tess goes mad for any running water so it was all okay.  

We even found a very exciting bottle floating in the river, which everyone knows is pretty much the best fun ever!  

Eventually we turned back up to go home and suddenly we were swarmed by the biggest and scariest dog ever! 

Not really Betty is the dumbest and most harmless dog in the country.  She's so dopey but clearly wanted to come check out what was going on.  

With all this commotion I was really surprised to look up and see a wee lamb making it's way towards us.  It was really curious to see what we were doing but at the same time worries about leaving its Mum.  We stood still as it creeped towards us as curiosity won out over fear. 

Well not all fear since Tess was very wary of this mewing machine and had to hide behind me.  At least Betty was brave- although to be honest she probably didn't even know what was going on... 

After it creeped towards us and gave us a good look (and I snapped a couple of photos of it) the lamb decided to skip off back to Mum, adventure done for the day!

And that was my excitement for the day.  I apologise for the lack of fashion in this post - here is an attractive selfie I took anyway - but with lambs as cute as this can you blame me?!