Christmas Haul

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely festive period.  Now that things have settled down a bit I thought I would do a little haul post.  Again apologies for the bad bad photos, my phone is usually okay for these sorts of posts but I really need some natural light for …

Fur Collection

So today is a little bit of a controversial topic, but let's do it we're all adults here and everyone is entitled to different opinions so lets all hug and bake cookies with rainbow sick etc.  FUR.  Let's do it. 

I know a lot of people these days are against fur in fashion, whether it be…

Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone, 

Time for my generic Merry Christmas message which I am sure we will be seeing all over blog land.  But I really do want to say Merry Christmas!  

Since starting this blog I've really enjoyed getting more into it, finding how I want to write, the pictures I want to take and feature a…

Burning Artists Collective OOTD and Review

This review has been a long time coming, and for that I apologise to the lovely people at Burning Artists Collective.  

So today I'll start with an OOTD post, to show you how the dresses fit on me then get stuck into the review section.

It's pretty unstyled here, because I am lazy and did abo…

Egyptian Beach - Black Milk Knock Offs

Hey there!  

Quick OOTD post today.  

Jumped on to the beach to take these. 

I'm wearing: 

Urban Outfitters tee 
Ebay knock off Egypt Leggings 

So now for a bit on these leggings. 
I have never bought fake leggings before but I was desperate for the Egypt leggigns and gutted when they sold out so I re…

The Hunteresque Look

Hi, bit of a different look from me today.  Although I used to wear a lot of tweed, leather and shirts etc, these days I have ventured into bright prints and crazy clothes.   So this look is more what I used to wear, and I must say wearing this reminded me how much I love the more classical / herita…

Floral Blouse on the Beach

Today is a quick look and it's just my OOTD.  Pretty simple but I like it and thought I would post it up.  

It was pretty simple but it was a mega cold day!  So I had to quickly throw off my jacket for the photos then put it back on so quickly!  

I wore: 
- Floral top from some random German shop 

Shopcade Christmas Party Lists

Now that I've posted my Christmas Party look I thought I would post a Shopcade Party Wishlist as well! 

So I hope you like it, and remember go sequins or go home!  

You should check it out here.  But the basic gist is shiny shiny.  

Mermaids Christmas Ball - What I Wore - St Andrews

So this weekend was the Mermaids Christmas Ball - their Facebook is here
This is one of the highlights of the St Andrews Christmas ball / social season, some would say THE best but I would let you decide that yourself!  

This year's theme was Willy Wonka!  And believe me the extravagance and el…

Bucket List

So today I discovered this great website- Bucket List

After watching a few too many feel good films I was feeling all emotional and ready to accomplish stuff!  But in bed so not actually able to accomplish anything... except from signing up to a website and making my own list.

So I think this website…