Burning Artists Collective OOTD and Review

This review has been a long time coming, and for that I apologise to the lovely people at Burning Artists Collective.  

So today I'll start with an OOTD post, to show you how the dresses fit on me then get stuck into the review section.

It's pretty unstyled here, because I am lazy and did about a million outfits (well four) in twenty five minutes since I knew I had exams coming up and wouldn't get to shoot.  So apologies, apologies for that.

I am wearing: 
Burning Artists Collective Matchbox Dress - here for $24.95 in the sale
Owl necklace - present
New Look heels - you've seen them all before!

See, nothing exciting at all! 

So the scoop back dresses: 
I think they are really flattering, I really love the little capped sleeves. The way its cut gives it a really secure and covered up despite it being a skin tight nylon dress!  I like having my shoulders and arms covered since I'm a bit insecure about that part of my body.  

They are cut slightly smaller and shorter than other similar dresses - like Black Milk and CM etc.  But not ridiculously short, you know how tall I am!  And still decent with tights.  
I think that this smaller cut maybe gives it something these other dresses don't have - no ride up.  Woooo! 

I love this particular dress because the print is so different and according to the website the photo of matchboxes is from a market in India by Sage Berry.  

I also have another dress- the Steps of Varanasi, which you can find here.  I've not had a chance to shoot it yet because of exams blah blah blah.  I have a pair of leggings too, but I'm not sure what they are called.  Again a slightly smaller fit than my other leggings but still fit me.  

Here is Varanasi in a BAC picture on Facebook - which you should all check out and like here.

Now Burning Artists Collective:

Dealing with BAC has been an absolute pleasure!  I am thoroughly impressed with their customer service and all correspondence with them. 

So the story: 
I discovered BAC during a half price sale and ordered the dress above.  But BAC mixed things up a little and over marked the envelope meaning I was overcharged for customs.  
I sent a pretty flustered email and they dealt with me so professionally and we sorted everything out so smoothly.  And as a wee thank you they even sent me my other pieces which I am so grateful for.  

The great customer service from BAC was such a nice and different experience.  All too often I think people fob customers off with generic unhelpful responses - especially with online purchasing. So it was so refreshing to deal with BAC and their products are amazing. 

Now that's all from me tonight.  I'm looking forward to being able to shoot and write more over Christmas so expect lots more from me.  
Have an amazing Christmas everyone! 

The info: 
BAC Website
BAC Facebook 
M.M Hall Photography Facebook
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