Egyptian Beach - Black Milk Knock Offs

Hey there!  

Quick OOTD post today.  

Jumped on to the beach to take these. 

I'm wearing: 

Urban Outfitters tee 
Ebay knock off Egypt Leggings 

So now for a bit on these leggings. 
I have never bought fake leggings before but I was desperate for the Egypt leggigns and gutted when they sold out so I resorted to ebay. 
And I must admit for £11 they are pretty good!  However don't expect anything amazing, quality wise it is nothing near BM.  Their is one size only so your best bet is a S or a M.  They are shorter than BM and they don't sit as high on the waist.  Furthermore the stitching is really weak and the fabric thinner. 

But overall, £11, come on!  So if you're stuck I would try ebay!