Mermaids Christmas Ball - What I Wore - St Andrews

So this weekend was the Mermaids Christmas Ball - their Facebook is here
This is one of the highlights of the St Andrews Christmas ball / social season, some would say THE best but I would let you decide that yourself!  

This year's theme was Willy Wonka!  And believe me the extravagance and elements of fun was something straight out of the factory.  

We set off on buses from outside The Rule to take us into the Wonderland they had created at Kinkell.  

I had a great time with my friends, and some new ones I am just getting to know!  

When we arrived we were treated to something fizzy, and then we made our way into the rather difficult to navigate Kinkell.  OverallI feel it was pretty well organised.  

There were two bars where you could try Willy Wonka themed cocktails.  And they were nicely spaced out across the venue.  

A well run coat check that went to charity - although I was a bit surprised at the £2 price tag considering I had paid £35 for the ticket in the first place!  I wouldn't have minded £1 to go to charity but 2 seemed a little much, when some balls I have been to there has been a free coat check.  

Highlights included free Janettas ice cream all night!  Which was absolutely scrummy - but isn't it always?  There had been fears of this running out like in previous balls but I didn't get some until after midnight and there was still plenty.  Although me and my friend A had to ditch the last of our cones to jump on a bus home since we were wimps with sore feet and ready for bed! 

And of course chocolate fountains but I didn't get to try any :(

And of course some awesome music to dance the night away to! 

Now on to my outfit: 
- It being Christmas I wanted sequins.  Don't question why, I just wanted them okay?!   So sequins it was.  And you can find my dress here in lots of different shiny colours for £39.99
- An old clutch from New Look again - similar one here
- And some amazing new shoes.  I will do a full review on them soon but they are amazing!  See them here for £35.

Now for a little shoot from what I wore: 

Photos featured are from: 
MMHall Photography
The Saint 


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