Bucket List

So today I discovered this great website- Bucket List

After watching a few too many feel good films I was feeling all emotional and ready to accomplish stuff!  But in bed so not actually able to accomplish anything... except from signing up to a website and making my own list.

So I think this website is a really good way to put down your plans and have them somewhere separate which you can cross off when you've done them - whether they are big or small!  

So I made myself a little page with some lists- although I've not managed to fill it out too much but I think it's a good start.  You can see my list here.  So if you join comment below and we can be friends on it and follow eachother's progress on the list!

But here's a few pictures which are from items I've already crossed off my list: 
 Learn to fence - this is my brother but I did it for a while too!
 A massive foam fight- the joys of attending St Andrews University!
Go to Venice - I went last year with my BF who took this beautiful picture.  If you want to see more of his photos here

So sign up and make lists and accomplish them!  Let's do stuff!