Merry Christmas!

Hi Everyone, 

Time for my generic Merry Christmas message which I am sure we will be seeing all over blog land.  But I really do want to say Merry Christmas!  

Since starting this blog I've really enjoyed getting more into it, finding how I want to write, the pictures I want to take and feature and so on.  I know it's a self indulgent hobby but that's okay!  And by doing all this I am actually a lot more confident in myself and in photos, it's okay that I am not the usual fashion blogger shape and size - even less so with this festive period of eating coming up.  But meh, who cares?!   

Anyway I digress, thank you for reading, if anyone even does. 
I hope I am getting better at this blogging malarkey.  
Have a lovely holiday! 
Oh look:
Dachshunds being all cute and Christmassy.  Fun fact we used to have a pair of these sausage dogs, they were known as Dorris and Gertie - who even names dogs that? 


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