What To Wear To Work In China - My Corporate Wardrobe In China

Hi Guys!  

As you know I ran away to China for a month for an internship.  But before I went there I was really worried about what to wear! 

We were told to dress appropriately for our work place- mine was corporate.  But then what is that in China?  And in August what could I wear and not melt? 


The Best Thing About China- The Nails!

Since coming to China I've developed a bit of a habit.  It's one I really shouldn't get used to considering I can't get it at home, especially for so cheap. 
What am I talking about...? Nails! 

Oh the manicures!  The pedicures!  It's all so much for so little money!

The manicure at…

More China Chat - OOTD etc

Hi again, I just keep doing China posts I'm sorry!  

Wanna see what I wore today?
I wore:

Don't I look jazzy?  
So I have my trusty green stripy shorts on and my new galaxy tee that I picked up from the zoo market.  You can check out my whole China haul here.  

We went bowling tonight!  It was r…

China! Part 2

More photos from China for you lovely people! 

That's all for now!  If you have any questions about any of the places I've visited, what I'm wearing etc just get in touch.  I'm happy to babble on about China all day I judt don't think anyone would listen! 


Self indulgent post about nicknames and OOTD

I’m at work and having a ponder while I write up a draft blog post on word- annoyingly my work proxy service doesn’t allow China, ridiculous I know.
I’m pondering about nicknames, and how I’ve always missed out on some good ones because Kathryn is a hard name.  It’s hard because you can’t really sho…

Oops another haul! Pearl Shopping!

So, you know how I JUST did a China haul post... well I have another one.  

I'm sorry if this bores you but China is just amazing for shopping.  I'm a pretty easily excitable person anyway but drop me in places like this and I'm very very excited! 

My OOTD for pearl shopping was: 

- Black …

China Haul!

Now I have been in Beijing for just over a week.  And it's safe to say I've done some shopping... 

So I thought I would do my first haul post, because I'm sitting here waiting for dinner to cook and I'm feeling quite productive.  

If you want to check out my other China posts so far y…