China Haul!

Now I have been in Beijing for just over a week.  And it's safe to say I've done some shopping... 

So I thought I would do my first haul post, because I'm sitting here waiting for dinner to cook and I'm feeling quite productive.  

If you want to check out my other China posts so far you can see them here or here.  And there will be plenty more to come!  Sorry for the bad pictures- I'm just on my phone and in my apartment.

So on our first weekend we went to the Silk Market, which is a very touristy shopping market.  But definitely something you should experience! You could buy almost everything and there was so many stalls and sellers shouting "Lady, lady!  Beautiful lady!  You want ___?"  

We spent most of the afternoon just walking around and taking it in. The only purchases I made were "designer" bags ;-)  

I went for a decent sized bright yellow YSL Cabas Chyc bag.  This is a great size for an every day handbag, I'm getting most of my daily essentials into it when I'm not working.  

While I was there I also got this little fold down Chloe clutch.  It's a gorgeous colour!  I seem to have went for the more out there bag colours this trip! 

Then today we went to a very different type of market- the Zoo Market!  This wasn't very touristy at all- I went with my friend who lives in the city. This was very Chinese, and no haggling but everything was so cheap. 

This was my whole haul:- 

I know!  So much.  

Let's break it down:

I got a denim waistcoat, all ripped up and soft with a cool print on the back. 

A long sleeved work out top.  It was so hard to find clothes that would actually fit me so when I did I got quite over excited! 

I also got a BOY London tee.  Always good to have!  And it has a bit of bling on it.  

And I also got this green and white stripy shirt.  I seem to have a thing for green and white stripy things right now!  Considering that I also have a pair of shorts in that print!

I got this little Zara tank top as well.  The great thing about the Zoo Market is that it is mostly for whole salers.  So this is where the seconds and rejects from the big names come to, and then people like us can buy it for a fraction of a price! 

This awesome galazy print / urban tee.  

Some cute jewellery

And a tee for my boyfriend and brother. 

I also got a cute Zara grey cardigan, but the pictures didn't come out too well. Darn having to use my phone instead of a DSLR!  

That's all for now! But I'm sure I will have to do another haul post because I just can't stop shopping!