Self indulgent post about nicknames and OOTD

I’m at work and having a ponder while I write up a draft blog post on word- annoyingly my work proxy service doesn’t allow China, ridiculous I know.

I’m pondering about nicknames, and how I’ve always missed out on some good ones because Kathryn is a hard name.  It’s hard because you can’t really shorten it (don’t go there with Kath…), and it doesn’t really rhyme with anything.  I always used to want “proper” nicknames that everyone would call me.  But now I have realised I’ve actually managed to collect a good few…  But I still hardly get called them!  I’m always Kathryn! 

So you know, if you see me feel free to call me by one of my nicknames…

Let me walk you through my evolution of nicknames
- K-K
Okay, so this is going to get embarrassing.  In primary school I was KK and my best friend was JJ, let’s just leave that here and never talk about it again yeah?
- Katz
Oh the early 2000s and the desire to add Z on to anything to make it cool!  Not many people called me this at all, but I would write it down as my own signature / nickname. 
- Kat
This has been the only ones which has really stuck, but only with my shooting friends really.  Quite a lot of them call me Kat still, and I really like it!  This was an obvious progression and dropping the z.  Although unfortunately not quite as cool as Katz.
- K-Wills
After realising my first name is too shit to really do anything with my school friends did the clever thing and incorporated my surname.  I see what they did there, and it was pretty good, I like it and it still sticks with some school friends! 
- Kitty
This nickname is totally down to one friend who was always really good at making nicknames and decided I needed one.  He must have decided Kathryn was just too hard to work with and went completely off the beaten track and decided on a new name completely.  Not many people use Kitty, but the ones who do are completely committed to it and I’m never Kathryn to them. 
- Caggie/Cags

This name is nice, I like it since I like Made in Chelsea and I’m shallow like that.  The university shooters are the only ones who ever call me it but when they do I like it.  It just sounds nice in every accent from posh English to American!  

And while we're here we might as well do an OOTD- 

Today I wore this to work:- 

Floral skirt from M&S 
Lilac vest top from H&M 
White cami from New Look 
Pearls from the Pearl Market - full post here