The Best Thing About China- The Nails!

Since coming to China I've developed a bit of a habit.  It's one I really shouldn't get used to considering I can't get it at home, especially for so cheap. 
What am I talking about...? Nails! 

Oh the manicures!  The pedicures!  It's all so much for so little money!

The manicure at the top was 60RMB - just over £6 
Then the sparkly one below at a different place was a mere 50RMB 
And then the most amazing deal here- the pedicure was only 90RMB 

For under a tenner I had a woman massage, pumice and pamper my feet for an hour and twenty minutes... ridiculous!  

This weekend I want to hopefully get a foot massage on the recommendation of my friend Sophie who lives out here.  Apparently it's about 70 minutes long and you get your feet and lower legs massaged as well as shoulders and neck.  I can't wait. Should be amazing! 

Don't worry guys, I'm almost home from China so there will be far less of these pesky lifestyle posts.