Oops another haul! Pearl Shopping!

So, you know how I JUST did a China haul post... well I have another one.  

I'm sorry if this bores you but China is just amazing for shopping.  I'm a pretty easily excitable person anyway but drop me in places like this and I'm very very excited! 

My OOTD for pearl shopping was: 

- Black Milk Fairy Paint Blue leggings 
- ASOS cotton - leather loose top
- Chloe clutch 
- And I had my trusty film camera at my side

Today we went to the Pearl Market.  The pollution level was at "Dangerous" and it was forecast to rain so we decided to stay inside.  Although we did get caught in the thunder storm on the way there and back! 

The Pearl Market is a little less intense than the Silk Market.  Not so much shouting and a bit more order! 

We walked in, dripping wet and headed straight up to the top floor.  This is the real deal- very very expensive salt water pearls and beautifully set.  Obviously out of our price range but they were so good to see- we just had to. 

Then the 3rd and 2nd floors were where we did most of our purchasing.  The 3rd floor had more of the pearls and jewellery but the 2nd had some too.  Although you will probably get better prices on the 3rd floor.  

We walked around there for a while and purchasing as we went.  It was quite surreal seeing so many pearls everywhere!  These pearls are real, but freshwater so cultured.  So you can get pieces of good quality for reasonable prices but be prepared to barter! 

Some places will have the necklaces / bracelets / earrings etc made up, others you can pick your exact strand of pearl and watch them string them for you with the fittings you want.  

This is a woman stringing up my pearl necklace.

Here are all my purchases!  Excuse the pictures- again on my phone.  And in the selfies I am quite badly ill with a cold and still wet from being outside!  

I got a simple 9-10mm white pearl necklace. This is a standard length but with a slightly bigger pearl than average because I'm a big girl apparently!  My friend was advised to stick to the smaller pearls to match her smaller frame.

I also got these elegant drop earrings to match (also bringing the price down). These are real silver, nickel free and have a bit of embellishment on the front.  Together they make a lovely set so can't wait to have an occasion to wear them!  

I also got a long strand of pearls.  Still in the white but not as good quality- there are more differences between the pearls and slightly more imperfections.  But I wanted this strand for dramatics mainly!  I was calling this my "Gatsby Pearls" before I had even bought it.  
It can be worn long to make a statement or doubled over to add some movement and volume instead of a standard strand. 

I finally got this beautiful double strand- at the time for my Mum but seeing it at home I think we might have to share!  This is a double strand of 8-9 mm pearls but they are punctuated with turquoise and silver rings.  This really blings up the strand and I had to bargain hard for it!  But it is so beautiful and elegant I just thought of my Mum when I saw it- she has a weakness for blue stones.   

The Pearl Market is a great day out, especially if you want some amazing jewellery.  But I would advise to find out how to spot real and good quality pearls first.  And never pay more than you are comfortable with! 
For me that meant comparing it to the top end of high street brands and stopping there.  I didn't want to over spend here- although it would have been very easy and I would have came home with some lovely stuff.