What To Wear To Work In China - My Corporate Wardrobe In China

Hi Guys!  

As you know I ran away to China for a month for an internship.  But before I went there I was really worried about what to wear! 

We were told to dress appropriately for our work place- mine was corporate.  But then what is that in China?  And in August what could I wear and not melt? 

This was quite a dilemma for Mum and I- for Dad not so much  he thought the answer was a business suit end of.  Obviously although I love my suit I don't think I could wear it in consistently over 35 degrees Celsius and brave public transport!  

So we went on a hunt and typically bought way more than what I actually ended up taking with me. 

Now I am going to show you my outfits- just selfies since my photographer (i.e long suffering boyfriend) wasn't out with me.  And at the bottom I will put some clothing rules, or I might mix them up as I go.  We'll see!

The Rules:
-Please remember that I was only out for a month and I'm only talking from my personal experience- 

*Flesh to show = legs* 
Seriously you can get away with as much leg as you feel comfortable with.  Even in a professional environment.  People don't seem to care about exposing your legs. 

On the other hand... 
*Cover up = chest and maybe shoulders*
I love boobs as much as the next girl but in China bosom combined with shoulders definitely warrants some stares.  And when you are a 6' white girl 
you're already getting some stares! When I went to work I had a smart black cardigan just to wear on top to cover me up and save me from the chilly air con! 

*Heels are the norm* 
I didn't wear heels, just sandals with a little wedge but most people do wear heels.  Quite like, but not as bad as Russia in that respect. 

In Summer wear light clothing.  I was there in August and it was very warm and very very humid, so wear light fabrics and ones that won't show sweat.  This was also why I decided to stay away from waistbands as much as possible to stop that excess sweating. 

*Use baby powder* 
This sounds like an old woman's trick but baby powdering parts of your body which will get sweaty / touching other parts of your body really helps stop the sweat. 

That's all my tips for now!  Hope this was useful to at least one person who is thinking of running away to China!