Not An Exciting Post For Anyone But Me

So tonight was a big night for my university, it was our annual awards presentation for sports achievement! 
I know that this is totally different from my usual post and probably won't interest anyone but I wanted to share. 

Tonight was a really great evening for our clubs, and we had people gett…

Black Milk Photo Challenge Catch Up

I have missed loads of BM Photos, so here's a big catch up combo post! 

12th of April - Random Fact About Me 
This is Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings. 
And my fact = I didn't do my ombre hair myself, I made boyfriend do it because I was scared.  The only other time I have dyed a streak (yes I h…

The Deal With My Custom Dresses

A few of you might know that I have some awesome custom print dresses, so I thought I would write down what the deal is with them because people always ask me about them. 

Firstly here they are:

Aren't they awesome?  If you want to check out full shoots of these dress or them styled you can look 


Hi Everyone! 

Quick OOTD post because I have a lot of deadlines / end of term uni stuff going on right now. 

I wore this a couple of days ago - not today as I am currently in sweats and a sports top.  

Here I have: 
- Black cardigan, standard from New Look 

- Navy velvet Skater dress.  Also from New Loo…

March Shopping Haul - Black Milk, River Island, American Apparel.

I know this is late but better late than never yeah? 

Today is pretty much all clothes I've already shot and there isn't that much because I decided not to shoot the office / work wear I bought even though I super love them. 

I think I will save up my office wear stuff and do a shoot before s…

Summery Walk OOTD


Yesterday was a gorgeous day in St Andrews for the first time in agessss, so me and boyfriend went for a nice walk.  
And then sneaked onto one of the many golf courses to take some photos.  

Yesterday I wore what I call my Harvest Jumper from Jack Wills.  I think it's from their last Autumn …

Aztec - Hippie

Hi there, another quick look up now. 

This is a lovely midi Aztec print dress my lovely friend A bought me.  I used to be (am still) a bit scared of this length and had never worn it before.  But A has great taste and I love this dress!  Think this black and white number is from New Look.  

I teamed …

Velvet On Velvet

So much velvet!  

I told you there was a lot of shoots coming up.

I'm doing these separate looks and a huge haul blog as well!  Maybe even a youtube haul video.  
And a history essay as well... yay!  

So this is another outing for my new American Apparel green velvet bodysuit, which I got from thei…

Velvet Eat Mice!

I Eat Mice!  C'mooon! 

I got these awesome Black Milk leggings as part of my Gym Count challenge.  It really has been such a good motivator.  

And these high waisted bad boys are so so amazing. 

They are so comfy and stretchy, they feel so great on and look great yet subtle! 

BM #BathroomSelfie #UpsideDown #BeginningWithB

So bad at these!  So behind! 

Sorry guys, so another bit of a combo post.  

We have: 
Bathroom Selfie. 
This one was a challenge because my bathroom at uni has a shocking mirror so I went to the library ones.  Which were so busy and it was literally my third attempt this morning to get one super quick.…