BM #BathroomSelfie #UpsideDown #BeginningWithB

So bad at these!  So behind! 

Sorry guys, so another bit of a combo post.  

We have: 
Bathroom Selfie. 
This one was a challenge because my bathroom at uni has a shocking mirror so I went to the library ones.  Which were so busy and it was literally my third attempt this morning to get one super quick.  
So appreciate please :P  

I have to skip day 9 because there is no animals around me :(  Which I hate, I have really missed having pets and being around animals since coming to uni.  It regularly upsets me actually.  I think it was because I was brought up essentially in a zoo- horses, dogs, cats, hens, giant african land snails etc etc 

Day 10 - Upside Down 
Going to recycle one here- more Ancient Map pics.  Gotta shake them up. 

And now Beginning With B! 
B is for.... BUM 

Here is a picture of me and my bum in hex leggings.  This is from a wee lookbook we did over Christmas.  
Check out the full shoot here.  But ignore the shitty photoshopping it was my first time!  

So excited for loads of shooting this weekend.  Boyfriend is here and we haven't had the chance to shoot for ages.  
So I have a few looks and a haul planned.  Yay!  Stay tuned guys.  

And join in with the BM Pic A Day Challenge-