March Shopping Haul - Black Milk, River Island, American Apparel.

I know this is late but better late than never yeah? 

Today is pretty much all clothes I've already shot and there isn't that much because I decided not to shoot the office / work wear I bought even though I super love them. 

I think I will save up my office wear stuff and do a shoot before summer for everyone who is going on internships like me.  How does that sound?  I have an added complication of going to China in August so I will probably (will definitely) suffer from the heat so I am trying to look stylish and not overheat at the same time!  

So first up are my Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings. 
They are so so gorgeous, slinky and high waisted! 
These were a present from my Gym Count, so I really feel like I have worked for them. 

They were 75AUD and unfortunately sold out now.  

You can see the full shoot here

Next up is the Green Velvet Bodysuit from American Apparel
This was in the sale so was really quite cheap, about £15 I think. 
It's a lovely colour, however if it wasn't in the sale and I could return it I think I would. 
It's cut in a Super Thong, I can't work out if it's meant to be that way or if I am just too tall for it.  So definitely not the comfiest, but it is a lovely colour. 

Lastly I have these cute little velvet shorts from River Island
These were a great find in the sale- down to £10.  
They again are high waisted so comfy and a nice length, not too short. 

You can see the full shoot here.  

So that's all for today.  I had an essay due in today so I am a bit stressed but it's done and I went to S+C so now I want food!