Black Milk Photo Challenge Catch Up

I have missed loads of BM Photos, so here's a big catch up combo post! 

12th of April - Random Fact About Me 
This is Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings. 
And my fact = I didn't do my ombre hair myself, I made boyfriend do it because I was scared.  The only other time I have dyed a streak (yes I have virgin hair) it was also done by a guy.
Apparently my trust issues about my hair can be overcome by bullying by a boy with either bleach or blue dye... 

13th of April - With Another Sharkie 
Don't have any :( 

14th of April - Night Out 
I don't wear BM too often on nights out, they're my precious :P  But my favourite one for going out is White Wallpaper Dress! 
Yeaaah, love it

And this can count for the 15th of April - Black and White 
Obvious reasons really 

16th of April - A Song 

Rocketeer by the Far East Movement.  
Because it's space yeah? 
With Purple Galaxy legs

Think that's me stuck for tonight!

Join in-