Hi Everyone! 

Quick OOTD post because I have a lot of deadlines / end of term uni stuff going on right now. 

I wore this a couple of days ago - not today as I am currently in sweats and a sports top.  

Here I have: 
- Black cardigan, standard from New Look 

- Navy velvet Skater dress.  Also from New Look, just before Christmas time.  
I love this it's so comfy and can be dressed up and down.  It also has little half sleeves which is handy for wearing it by itself

- Black Milk Wallpaper Black Leggings 
Got these bad boys in the CyberSale a few months ago but just wearing them for the first time now.  
Really like them and they are nice and subtle but don't know if I am going to keep them yet. 

That's all from me today, just going to head to the library them maybe to train for a little bit.  

Also I did a video introducing myself to the BMUK girl so if you are in that group check out my mega rambly rambles. 



  1. Keep your wallpapers! Theyre really easy to style so you will get a lot of wear from them XD


    1. I think they're growing on me, just not sure about how pixalated they are... Probably will though #nylonhoarder


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