Audrey Leighton Vintage Collection

audrey leighton vintage collection liquid grain
Audrey Leighton Vintage is probably my favourite brand right now - I love the designs but even more, I love supporting this small, women founded, funded and operated brand! 

I have gathered up quite the collection now, so thought I would write it all down.  Mainly because I am a bit of an organisational freak and I like being able to see my collections in one place! 

Plus it might be useful for other people thiking of buying ALV, as they are a bit of an investment and I know it can be difficult to purchase.  So here's my list and a few wee thoughts on each!


- The Leighton Wrap - XL 

Amazing, so good, wear it all the time. Slightly too big on the leg but love the fabric.  It's such a good weight.  

Posts of me wearing it here


- White Summer Wrap Dress M-L

- Black Summer Wrap Dress M-L

These ones are a wee bit tight as the lining fabric is more restricting than the actual outer fabric. However I like the scoop neck and I do wear them both in summer/on holiday. Quite leggy due to the cut.

- Wrap Dress in Amber M-L 

Love this, feels like a light sweater/jersey material. Really comfortable, fits great.  Although hasn't washed quite as well as the other wrap dresses, but I love the colour and it's so comfortable! 

See me wearing it here!


- Wrap Skirt in White M-L 

Really like this, it's a great length and not see through at all. Very summery in white and a comfortable fabric!  

- Sleeveless Wrap Dress in Brown M-L 

Loooove this one! The fabric is kinda smoothing, with a little hold but so comfortable, the brown is perfect as well.  I think this is probably my favourite piece!  I'm wearing it here

Audrey Leighton Vintage Collection liquid grain

-Midi Wrap Skirt in Brown L-XL 

Love this as well, quite a light jersey feel.  Comfortable, versatile, great thick waistband. But more elevated/dramatic than the cut of the white one.  You can see me wearing it in lovely Madeira here!  I'm also wearing it here in the Glasgow Botanic Gardens.

-Green Silky Wrap Skirt L-XL 

Also amazing, so soft. Consistent in cut and feel of the brown skirt but a bit "fancier" in terms of fabric.  Super wearable! I wear it all the time to work.


- Classic Black Wrap Dress XL-XXL 

Love it, so cosy, a sweater/almost scuba material. Feels same fit as the other dresses, even though different sizes. So comfy, amazing. Feel like a business ninja in PJ's!

- Three Piece Co-Ord in Houndstooth XL

The trousers are a bit tight on me as this is more fitted, but I do like the look! 

- Fluid Wrap Jumpsuit in Black XL

Oh I love this jumpsuit!  I carefully removed the stitching which attached the matching belt to give me more belt options.  I love it!  I've worn it on every holiday since I got it - it's perfect for walking around a city during the day and for dressing up at night!

- Maxi Knit Dress in Brown L/XL 

- V Neck Wrap Dress in Black L-XL 

Not actually work this out yet, just tried on. Thinner / jersey like. I enjoy the options of how to tie it etc. Will report more after I've worn it! 


- Sleeveless Spring Wrap Dress L/XL

- Christmas Green One Shoulder Wrap Dress L/XL (Archive Sale)

- One Shoulder Midi Wrap Dress Black M-XL (Archive Sale)