Wallpaper Dress And Exciting News!

Before I get on to my shoot I have some exciting news!  It's not all that big or special but I'm excited nonetheless.  

First up I have finally bought my own domain name!  Yay!  In case you hadn't noticed I am now http://www.liquidgrain.co.uk/   Which is exciting and hopefully makes me a bit more professional and all that jazz.  But the down side to that is I now have no followers on Bloglovin :(  
So if you could all be so kind to follow me again at this link here I would really appreciate it.  When things calm down I will probably do a wee give away as well, I have some Poprageous samples so will get them given away!  

Next up I have bought myself a wee camera.  I went for the Fujifilm XF1, which is cheapest here .  
So far I am finding it a really great point and shoot camera with lots of fun features as well as impressive HQ video, wide aperture and RAW shooting capabilities!  So I am very impressed!  More reviews when I have used it more, but in the mean time expect better photos and more lifestyle posts as I can now take pictures when I am out and about.  As well as the usual HQ outfit posts courtesy of the boy.  

On to my outfit today.  Today I wore:  
Boohoo Kimono similar here

Here is the rest of the shoot:

Ignore my Christmas tummy bump!