Black Milk Clothing GFT Girlfriend Tee Review and Haul

Another boring haul post with not very good photos I am afraid, but we shall do as we do yes?  

I now have three tees from Black Milk Clothing.

My first one was the Terror from the Deep GFT which you can see the haul post for it here.

And then in the Cyber Monday sale I got the Weasley Weather Bottle GFT.  Which oddly fits a little bit different from the TFTD top, although both are mediums they weather bottle tee is a little smaller on top and wider at the bottom.  Bit odd!  

Then at Christmas my Mum got me the Burned Zebra Tee.  

Now my little review on these tees. 

They seem good quality, quite thin but in a comfortable way and very soft.  The thing is I would worry about them in hot climates because I'm pretty sure they are not natural materials so not sure how breathable it would be. 

There has also been a few complaints about their washing capabilities but I've not washed any of them yet so can't report on that yet. 

It's important to note that the general "tee" cut from BM (the BV, Burned Zebra etc) is a completely different from the GFT, slightly boxier and not as long. More like a baggy-ish top.  It seems to be cross between the GFT and the BFT but in mini form.  

Nothing else to report on them yet, but I will let you know either with a tweet or another blog post if something comes up.  

But I like them and they add a new dimension to the Black Milk world which I like and makes it a bit more versatile, you can still have fun prints but ones that don't scream BLACK MILK quite as much!