A Wet and Windy Day at Anstruther

A few of you may know that I live in the very picturesque St Andrews, but about 15 miles away from me is an equally picturesque town - Anstruther.  So me and the man decided to take a mosey over to Anstruther, however we picked the worst day to do so!  It was cold, wet and the light was pretty shoc…

Black Milk Haul - Christmas 2013 Release [GFT sizing]

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have had so many serious deadlines recently it was manic and I had only managed to schedule posts so far in advance.  

But the good thing is that over today and yesterday three Black Milk pieces have arrived!  And only one was hit by customs- double woo!…

Youtube Suggestions Needed

So I have decided that I should really start using Youtube properly!  It is a bit of a case of laziness so I do apologise.  Currently I have very few, very bad quality videos so I am going to make an effort to be better!  

So if you want to follow me I am here

But what I need from you is your advice!…

Liebster Award

First of all thank you so much to Sassy J from Life and Rags for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  

This is an award ran by bloggers where the bloggers nominate other blogs for people to read.  The rules are that you must have under 200 followers, answer the questions left by who nominated them…

Another Film Update!

So you might remember my film photography post from a few days ago.  I thought I would show you another lot of the prints I took from this summer. 

From walking the dog in Northern Ireland: 

Back to the festival in Pilsen

The view from my window in Czech

And a walk in Northern Ireland

On a walking tour …

Garden Look and How To Pose

I thought I would do a little different post today.  As well as showing you my look I thought I would maybe talk a little bit about how I pose.  

My tips: 

Posture is really important.  Keep your shoulders down and back, like you're squeezing a £5 note between your shoulder blades.  And boobs up!…

Film Photography

I know I don't mention it that much but film photography is one of my passions!  

The BF has a fancy DSLR to take my look photos but I have a trusty 35mm film camera which I take everywhere.  And I just got back from Boots with a whole pile of film prints!  So I thought I would share with you so…