Film Photography

I know I don't mention it that much but film photography is one of my passions!  

The BF has a fancy DSLR to take my look photos but I have a trusty 35mm film camera which I take everywhere.  And I just got back from Boots with a whole pile of film prints!  So I thought I would share with you some of my prints.  

Do any of you shoot with film? I am always looking for people to talk about film to and follow on lomography.  My home is here, so please leave your homes in the comment down below and I will follow you.  

Yay film! 

I have a Prakticka BCA electronic and three lenses for it - 50mm, 35-70mm and an 80-200 which means I can give a good stab at taking most of the things I see on my travels.  

Here is one film I just got developed: 

A trip to the beach at home: 

A glass blower in the Czech Republic:

 More from that festival in the Czech Republic:

Beach again:

Festival again: