A Wet and Windy Day at Anstruther

A few of you may know that I live in the very picturesque St Andrews, but about 15 miles away from me is an equally picturesque town - Anstruther.  So me and the man decided to take a mosey over to Anstruther, however we picked the worst day to do so!  It was cold, wet and the light was pretty shocking! 

So we got there and first thing first was a chippy. You see Anstruther's main chippy has been voted the best chippy in the world (pretty much) for the past gizillion years.  So we wanted to check it out, and it was actually amazing!  You know how you sometimes have chippies where it is really greasy?  This was the opposite - crispy and crunchy batter and chips while the fish was so soft and no bones in sight.  

After our amazing lunch we went for a walk around the harbour.  There were so many boats moored everywhere which made some good pictures.

And I also jumped between some boats for a quick look shoot.  Although as you can imagine it looks awful!  

But basically I am wearing: 

CM custom galaxy dress - CM's website here
Ralph Lauren navy cable knit - website here
Zebra print scarf from The Secret Boutique in St Andrews where I work 
Barbour waxed jacket - Barbour website here
LV bag - LV website here


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