Garden Look and How To Pose

I thought I would do a little different post today.  As well as showing you my look I thought I would maybe talk a little bit about how I pose.  

My tips: 

Posture is really important.  Keep your shoulders down and back, like you're squeezing a £5 note between your shoulder blades.  And boobs up!  

Never take a photo front on unless you are quite thin - use angles and shapes to make a photo interesting. I like to face my feet in one direction and turn my body back towards the camera.  
I also like to sometimes lift one foot up to make my legs a bit more interesting.

But in general I tend to think 3/4 shots are far more flattering than full body, hence why most of my looks are 3/4.

And you really have to move and relax with the photos.

I'm going to talk a lot about portraits now - mainly because we took a lot of them when we shot this.  

As a photographer you want a tiny bit of height on your model.  Not myspace selfie miles above you, but a bit of height so we don't look up anyone's nose.  In these photos there was about a two foot wall which M jumped up on.  

Photographers- never cut the top of your model's head off.  It looks amateur and we miss stuff, give a nice frame for her.

As a general rule keep your chin straight or down (although not squished against your chest) this should give you some definition. 

Although it can look good sometimes!  But look, you just see my jaw.  Not under my chin or anything.

In the words of HRH Tyra Banks - SMISE.  Smile with your eyes! 

Or look away completely - I am always drawn to these ones.  Usually more than shots with my face in.  Just because it's a bit more interesting. 

Again for you photographers - don't over edit.  The better your photo in the first place the easier it will be to edit.  Touch up but not overly - like don't change body shape, bleach the eyes or the teeth too much.  

But we all know black and white is always flattering - so go for it.  Especially if you were wanting arty shots or showing more flesh than usual.  That's why nudeportraits are usually in black and white!  

But I'm not saying the odd edited to the max photos aren't the worst thing in the world, and can be quite fun! 

By the way, here I am wearing: 
Black Milk Zebra Teal Bodysuit 
Black Milk I Eat Mice Leggings 

I'm sorry for lack of photographer info, if anyone is interested I can get M to write a little bit on photography. 
Any questions just ask!