Black Milk Haul - Christmas 2013 Release [GFT sizing]

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the delay in posting, I have had so many serious deadlines recently it was manic and I had only managed to schedule posts so far in advance.  

But the good thing is that over today and yesterday three Black Milk pieces have arrived!  And only one was hit by customs- double woo! 

So I thought I would do a little haul post to show you them, with a mini review of them, just generally what I think really! 

First up is the only item actually from the Christmas Release- the others are just from the store.  It's the Terror from the Deep GFT.  This stands for Girlfriend Tee and is a lot more flattering and feminine than the BFT in my opinion - which I find to be quite boxy.  

I got a Medium in this tee and I was immediately worried, reviews were coming in complaining the sizes came up small, especially across the bust.  Being busty myself I was concerned, but these people are lying!  (Well maybe not lying, but I think there is an element of scare mongering as maybe it is tight for some people but it is really not the end of the world tight on me!)  I am bustier than average and this didn't feel any tighter than a normal tee would really.  I understand we are all different shapes and sizes so that could explain that, but I wouldn't size up automatically. 

But basically the tee seems great, can't wait to get more! 

Next up we have the Monet Lillies Leggings, which you can find here.  Limited but still some sizes left. 

I have wanted these since they came out since I love art, but only got them when they went limited.  They are so great and really flattering since the print is kind of abstract and very soft around your legs.  So great!

And lastly we have the Galaxy Purple Skater Skirt, which you can find here.  

This was a present from my boyfriend for our two year anniversary, and it's great!  My first skater skirt and I love it.  So flattering and flowy!  And such a great length, not like the skater dresses which are really quite short. 

That's all for now, hopefully I can get back into the swing of blogging soon enough! 

And here is my first real youtube video about my haul!