Bluebell Walk

Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, so me and boyfriend jumped in the car and went to take pretty pictures in pretty places.  

We first went for a walk around some woods with a beautiful patch of bluebells.  Boyfriend took loads of photos which will probably pop up on his Facebook page here

Clashing Prints - Luffers Big Bee Leggings

Today was a horrible, horrible day!

But I've been wanting to shoot these legs since I got them so I threw them on and braved the weather.  Although I managed to shelter in this derelict shed boyfriend had to stand outside to shoot! 

So I am wearing my amazing Luffers Big Bee Leggings.  I raved ab…

Paddling in the Peacock Swim

Yesterday was an absolutely gorgeous day!  
So I put on my new Peacock Swim (haul post here) and had a wander down to a wee river near us for a paddle and to soak up the sun!  

It was so lovely and was such a nice change, although because it was so bright my face is kind of screwed up and yucky in a …

Nylon Haul! [I also bought some film] - Luffers, Black Milk, Lovely Sally

I got back down from uni yesterday and loads of goodies were waiting for me.  

Before I begin here's a non nylon part of the haul: 
I got 6 expired 35mm film from ebay the other day for the summer.  Looking forward to using them, especially in all the new places I'm going this summer!


Zatchel Haul - Satchel and Barrel Bag

I am very happy to announce that my Zatchel purchase has finally arrived!   This has been a bit of a fuss to try and get but more on that later, first the super lovely bags.  Zatchel is a British company (here) which makes beautiful handmade goods, a month ago they held a Birthday Sale with an amazin…

Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award, yay!

Big thank you to the lovely Ellie Mae check her blog out here
I was really surprised because I didn't realise people actually read my crazy internet ramblings. 

These are a sort of word of mouth award for blogs with less than 200 followers (defi…

Quick Apologies

Just a quick post to say sorry for not posting in ages.  I am thoroughly in scary exam mode now.  
So it'll be over by the 18th and I'll get back to posting. 

Again so sorry <3