Nylon Haul! [I also bought some film] - Luffers, Black Milk, Lovely Sally

I got back down from uni yesterday and loads of goodies were waiting for me.  

Before I begin here's a non nylon part of the haul: 
I got 6 expired 35mm film from ebay the other day for the summer.  Looking forward to using them, especially in all the new places I'm going this summer!


Black Milk Dollar Leggings 
When these went limited I was gutted because I couldn't afford them and they disappeared from the website.  However they magically re-appeared recently and I nabbed the last pair in a M.  
I love them, so different and jazzy.  But way more green than I expected, I don't mind that but a heads up to anyone else who might get put off by the greenness. 
Some are still available here

Next up is my first ever pair of Luffers.  These are the Big Bee Leggings 
Luffers is a brand new British brand ran by one woman.  Natalie does an awesome job of promoting her business, looking after her family and creating awesome leggings! 
She used to stick to designer fabric leggings but is now branching into the world of print and it's amazing!  
I was lucky enough to snag her first pair of Big Bee Leggings to give them a try and they are amazing!  Since I am lanky I got a bit of extra length added in and they fit me perfectly. 
And the waistband- *swoon*.  Ridiculously comfy and so nice and high waisted on me.  No muffin tops like with other brands, would be more than happy to wear with short / tight clothes.  
All her orders are custom done, you can check out her facebook group here

Now on to Lovely Sally, this is the Matuli Skirt. 
When they announced on their Facebook page that the Matuli Skirt was going to be discontinued I had to jump right in there and get it.  I love LS skirts- as you can see by my Nylon Collection tab at the top of the page.  
This is such a cool design, so simple yet eye catching.  Plus I think I will be able to sneak this into a Harry Potter themed fancy dress party yeah?  
This is now gone but check out their new collection here, there are some great new pieces. 

Last but not least is my recently acquired Black Milk Peacock Swim. 
I got this is a swap recently for my Cracked Silver leggings- you can see them here or in the Nylon Collection tab at the top. 
I love this swim, the print is divine!  I was so lucky to get this in a swap for such a recently discontinued item.  
Although this is my first old cut swim and I must say I prefer the new cut.  With new cut I feel a bit more covered in the boobie area, and my bra strap at the back is completely exposed in this swim.  Aah well, it's so pretty.  Definitely a keeper! 

That's all for now, it's such a nice day feels like summer is here.  Can't wait to get back into blogging properly! 



  1. The Dollars are always coming and going, I need to keep an eye out for them coming back in Large XD


    1. Definitely keep an eye out! It's so crazy with stock numbers these days :)


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